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Your  Financial Planning “Roadmap” With Indicator Advisory

We all wish to manage our finances in a manner that maximizes our full satisfaction from each investment dollar expended. To accomplish this, we must set priorities to include personal money management as well as personal financial planning. Overall planning allows you to control your financial situation.

Financial Planning Starts With A Plan

A comprehensive plan can improve your quality of life. It can increase your satisfaction by minimizing uncertainty about your life’s wealth quest. The plan can also increase financial control and avoid excessive debt which can lead to bankruptcy and future financial dependence on others. Ultimately, the plan can provide benefits to your heirs as well.

  1. Evaluation of your current financial situation based on your expectations, retirement plans, personal concerns and goals. Our financial planning adapts to your changing needs and involves conversations built upon goals, dreams and the necessary steps to get there.
  2. We jointly develop your financial plan and can process over 1,000 “Monte Carlo simulations” to embrace the “probability of success” to reach each goal. The process tends to align your assets with your dreams of success in all critical areas.
  3. The financial plans include periodic adjustments in plan variables as time passes and also measures those aspects of wealth planning that most concern our client friends; price inflation, recession, health care concerns, etc.
  4. Our plans review the life insurance needs along with long-term care and disability coverage.
  5. Together, we evaluate the alternatives with periodic review sessions in order to detail your plan and revise it as needed:

Financial Planning Should Become A Habit…And Be Less Scary. Let us help you make planning fun!
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