Winning Investors’ Network


All existing and new clients are automatically enrolled as “Members” at no additional cost. Investment
Program entry level account minimums are substantially reduced to permit less affluent Members to share the
educational benefits provided by the Network, Direct Management Strategy® and various Winning Investor
Network Expert Advisory programs. W.I.N. member recommended firm comments, websites and videos remain their property and do not necessarily reflect our firm’s views and we can not warranty their accuracy nor guarantee their services.


1. Access to our Direct Management Strategy® to add 3-6% in annual client performances

2. Access to our Managed Money services and Models

3. Expert referrals for life planning

4. College Tuition Discounts

5. E-Newsletter

6. Podcasts/Videos/conferences

7. Networking access

8. Free tickets to educational events

9. Access to free children’s educational programs (The “Secret Millionaires Club”)

10. Shared “Success Stories”

11. Focus benefitting younger Members

12. The ability to “Invest in YOUR beliefs”.

MISSION: To nurture proven wealth building concepts to benefit our Member/Clients, enhance adhesion to

our brand and to better assure more positive Member/Client wealth building outcomes.

GOALS/MEMBERSHIP: To advance our overall enterprise and membership through association with proven
thought leaders in fields ancillary to Member/Client wealth building success delivered by the Winning Investor
Network Member/Experts.

MARKETING PLAN: We intend to provide regular educational Podcasts and Podcast guest interviews, News
Releases, Quarterly E-Newsletters, Indicator Advisory University conferences, on-line courses and events,
investment clubs, social events, surveys, public meetings and networking opportunities to all Members.

TARGET MARKET: We invite Member/Clients of all ethnicities, ages and income levels. We are here to serve!

VALUE PROPOSITION: We provide value through the introduction of educational activities and wealth building
thought leadership by inviting expert professionals from all fields that support the wealth building needs of
our Member/Clients.

OUTREACH METHODS: We seek invitations to join our professional organization from existing clients, staff,

our Registered Representatives and friends. We plan to issue News Releases, podcasts, professional expert
interviews on Zoom, update our website presence, expand our reach with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
We shall continue to furnish our quarterly E-Newsletter and expand the Indicator Advisory University
programs and W.I.N. group.


METHODOLOGY: Our firm’s effort will require a Membership Chairperson to guide our Member/Clients who
have an interest in Wealth Building through our professional organization featuring expert WIN
Associates to benefit Member/Clients. Three membership levels are offered;
1. INTRODUCTORY LEVEL: Features a low investment level of only $6,000 to be applied within a Traditional or Roth Individual      Retirement Account, (IRA), to allow newly initiated investors to get
started on their retirement plan to offset the cost of inflation and taxes long-term and to better assure a
comfortable retirement.

2. VALUED LEVEL: Moderate investment level of $100,000 featuring all types of accounts and our Direct
Management Strategy®, proprietary Investment Models and “Invest in Your Beliefs” weighting.

3. SUSTAINING LEVEL: Investment accounts over $1,000,000 managed at highly competitive pricing.




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