“One of a kind”

– John C. Bogle, Founder of Vanguard Group


“I hope you are the exception who proves the rule

 that no market timing system has yet proved

 successful more than (60)% of the time.”

 – Sir John M. Templeton, Founder of Templeton Funds

Tired Of Paying High Fees On Your Mutual Funds?

There is Another Way! Employ Our “Direct Management Strategy®”

Who else wants to add 3 to 6% to their portfolio performance? You can now get returns from a managed portfolio of stocks and bonds WITHOUT paying the (3-6%) excessive, additional fees many mutual funds charge. Call: 1-800-547-7888 or Schedule a FREE 15-minute investment consultation and find out how to start pocketing fees you may have already been paying… and gain peace of mind.

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Bob Kneisley - CEO, Indicator Advisory Corporation

Bob Kneisley, CEO

A veteran Registered Investment Advisor (R.I.A.), Bob is the author of two investment books; “The Indicator!” and “The Wall Street Casino”, (touted as the world’s first entertaining financial textbook!). A native of Toledo, Ohio and a graduate of the University of Toledo, he was a Charter Member of the Toledo Chapter of the International Association of Financial Planners and a Pension Consultant accredited by the National Institute of Pension Administrators. Bob is also a member of the Board of Executive Advisors to the Finance Department at the University of Toledo and served on the Finance Committee at the Historic Toledo Club. (Learn more about the qualifications of our Financial Advisors.)

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Financial Advisors

Our Client Focus

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we accept the legal fiduciary duty to serve our clients above all other duties. We begin by analyzing the client’s needs, defining objectives and learning about the client’s goals and ambitions.

Money Management

Indicator Advisory has many cost effective investment options. None of the cash is idle in the accounts and our Direct Management Strategy® ensures cost savings. Our tiered "FEE ONLY" fee structure provides total transparency and we do not charge sales commissions.

Investment Services

Our investment process is a totally unique approach that reveals upfront all investment costs, documents performance, automatically re-balances portfolios at no additional cost and adds a low-cost independent, third-party custodian.

Performance Counts

Our Client Results

2020 Investment performance - Indicator Advisory Corporation

Performance data quoted represents past performance; past performance does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. Past performance does not ensure future investment success. All investments involve the risk of loss. There is no assurance of success.

Computations use the Modified Dietz Method to calculate daily returns and then geometrically link those returns to produce a GIPS compliant time-weighted return series. The Modified Dietz Method is commonly used to approximate a true time-weighted return, which is most useful for comparing performance to a benchmark. Time-weighted returns remove the impact of external cash flows and security movement into or out of a portfolio or account in order to capture the performance of the strategy rather than the timing and size of the cash and security movement.

Stock/Bond Market Average

2020 Investment Industry Performance Benchmarks

*Average US Stock Mutual Funds were calculated by averaging the YTD 2020 returns of U.S. Large-Cap Stock, U.S. Mid-Cap Stock & U.S. Small-Cap Stock from the table “Average Mutual fund Returns in 2020 and the Long Term” (Thune 2020).


Reference: Thune, K. 2020, ‘What Is the Average Mutual Fund Return?’, The Balance, 30 December, accessed 22 January 2020, https://www.thebalance.com/.


If you are currently using mutual funds, you can Add 5 to7%* yearly savings to your investment performance! Simply adopt our exclusive Direct Management Strategy®…and eliminate the high cost and many deficiencies* of Mutual Funds! … as well as costly sales commissions on every trade.

*Unearned capital gains taxes you must pay if you invest near year-end, The “spread” between the price securities are sold at versus the cost to buy securities on every trade. The high securities turnover rate yearly. The lack of tax-loss harvesting of internal security losses against security gains. The added cost of sales commissions…just to name a few deficiencies of mutual funds.

The strategy carries the trademark registration in order to improve investment performance at a lower cost for investors worldwide. Cost, after all, is the one critical aspect we in the financial planning and money management space can control.

The concept makes very real the quote: “Know what you own!” As Financial Advisors and Financial Planners, we feel that the transparency of securities ownership and the tax efficiency our concept provides are critical to investor understanding, their portfolio retention and tax efficiency. Mutual funds are a very costly alternative to our Direct Managed Strategy® due to their high cost of mutual fund ownership. The benefits of our strategy are very important to investors as well as those in the financial planning and money management professions. We license other firms to use the registered trademark.

The Direct Management Strategy® prohibits investment in all mutual funds in order to avoid the layers of high costs outlined in the prospectus…as well as those costs that are not disclosed. The savings in doing falls to the investors’ “bottom line” in the form of increased performance. Lower cost equals added investor profit!

“The Wall Street Casino” book reveals mutual fund costs as high as eight percent annually and Dr. Kenneth A. Kim’s more recent book entitled “Mutual Funds Exposed” estimates total costs as high as eight percent per year! This, in addition to any sales commission one might pay to a “stock broker” sales person.

The Indicator Advisory Corporation is a Registered Investment Advisory licensed in the state of Ohio that has a fiduciary duty to advocate the client’s interests first. The firm has proven the merit of the Direct Management Strategy® by investing in only stocks, bonds, cash and select, low-cost, exchange-traded funds, (ETF’s).

The strategy can enhance Separately Managed Accounts, (SMA’s), Uniform Managed Accounts, (UMA), Traditional and Roth IRA accounts, Health Savings accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, IRA, 401(k), 503(b, 429 and Educational Savings Accounts, (ESA’s) for children along with I.R.S. section 529 accounts in support of college funding. The strategy can also support Unit Investment Trusts, all types of brokerage accounts, Direct Indexing accounts, Uniform Gift to Minors, (UGMA) and Uniform Transfers to Minors, (UTMA), accounts.

The worldwide benefit of cost savings to investors of all types is endless. The more efficient tax savings the Direct Management Strategy® offers over that of mutual funds represents yet another very important advantage in the money management and financial planning area that enhances investor returns on all taxable and tax deferred investment accounts. Why not let us create a Financial Roadmap you can be proud of?

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